CaseFax Mobile App

CaseFax as a Name

"CaseFax" as spelled represents Case"FACTS"

 The CaseFax mobile app records and reports "FACTS" about the use of a protective "CASE" on a smartphone.

CaseFax App as a Mobile Utility

The CaseFax mobile app periodically tests for the use of a protective case on a smartphone and then records the test results and overall duration of protective case usage.

CaseFax Report as a Sales Tool

 The CaseFax mobile app generates a "CaseFax Report" validating the duration of protective case usage when you decide to sell your smartphone.  With the CaseFax Report the user can sell their smartphone quicker and for a higher price.

About CaseFax Inc


CaseFax as a Corporation

CaseFax Inc is a Delaware C Corp. CaseFax Inc is a registered Foreign Agent in the sate of CA. 


CaseFax as an Innovator

CaseFax filed its US non-provisional utility patent application in Dec 2018.  A 'Notice of Allowance' was issued by the USPTO in April 2019.  The utility patent covering the device and methods of the CaseFax app was issued in Aug 2019. 


CaseFax as a Startup

CaseFax Inc participated in and completed the curriculum for 

Y Combinator's "Startup School 2019".  

CaseFax Partners



CaseFax was accepted into the Mathworks Startup Program Jan 2019.



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