CaseFax Mobile App

CaseFax as a Name

CaseFax as spelled represents CaseFACTS

 As such, the CaseFax mobile app records "FACTS" about the use of a protective "CASE" on a smartphone or tablet.

CaseFax as a Mobile Utility

The CaseFax mobile app periodically tests for the use of a protective case on a smartphone or tablet and then records the test results and overall duration of protective case usage.

CaseFax as an Asset Management Tool

The CaseFax mobile app periodically tests to verify that company smartphone and tablet assets are being kept in their protective cases as required by company IT policies.

CaseFax as a Productivity Support Tool

 The CaseFax mobile app improves the consistent use of protective cases on company owned smartphones and tablets. In turn, ensuring protective cases are always used on mobile devices improves worker productivity by reducing the amount of productive time lost due to a damaged mobile device.

About CaseFax Inc


CaseFax as a Corporation

CaseFax Inc is a Delaware C Corp. CaseFax Inc is a registered Foreign Agent in the sate of CA. 


CaseFax as an Innovator

CaseFax filed its US non-provisional utility patent application in Dec 2018.  The "Notice of Allowance" was issued by the USPTO in April 2019. The US utility patent covering device and methods of the CaseFax app was issued in Aug 2019. 


CaseFax as a Startup

CaseFax participated in and completed the curriculum for 

Y Combinator's "Startup School" for both S2019 and W2020.  

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CaseFax was accepted into the Mathworks Startup Program Jan 2019.






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